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Hi there, if you want to know about how to do Airtel Minute Check, then You have landed to right place.  Now I will share briefly the main topic about Minute Checking. No more talk, let’s go to article as below-

Airtel Minute Check
Airtel Minute Check

How to do Airtel Minute Check

There are three super easy way for Minute Checking of Airtel.  All the Way mention below as shortly as clearly You can choose from here which is best for you.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are a fast and phone menu-based way to access various account information. Here’s how to use the USSD code to check your Airtel minutes:

  •  Open the Mobile dial pad
  • Type *121# and press the call button
  • Now you’ll receive a pop-up message displaying your remaining talk time, along with other relevant details like data and SMS balance. It’s a speedy solution right at your fingertips.

The My Airtel App is a one-stop shop for managing your Airtel account. It allows you to view your balance, recharge your phone, activate data packs, and much more. Here’s how to check your minute balance using the My Airtel App:

  • Download the Airtel thanks APP from APP stor
  • log in with your credentials, and login details 
  • Now The app provides a comprehensive overview of your account, including talk time balance, data usage, and more.

Check Airtel minute balance by using SMS. Follow the steps which are mentioned below-

  • Send an SMS with the keyword ‘BAL’ to 121 and
  •   within a moments, you’ll get a reply SMS containing your remaining talk time balance..

By following these simple steps, you can easily check your Airtel minute balance and avoid any unexpected call cuts. Remember, these methods are applicable for Airtel Bangladesh. For users in other countries, Airtel might have different procedures for checking minute balance. So, it’s always a good idea to check the official Airtel website for your specific region.

Service NamesUSSD Dial Code
Balance Check/Due Balance*1#
Show own mobile number*2#
Data(MB) Check*3#
Internet Pack Purchase code*4#
VAS activation/deactivation code*5#
Tariff Plan Check code*6#
Stop/Start Promotional SMS*7#
All VAS Stop code*9#
Minute Bundle check*0#

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Airtel Internet Balance Check Code
Airtel Internet Balance Check Code
  • Set Usage Alerts:
    Airtel allows you to set usage alerts, notifying you when you reach a certain threshold of your talk time. This proactive approach ensures that you stay in control of your usage and avoid unexpected interruptions.
  • Regularly Check Your Balance:
    Make it a habit to check your Airtel minutes regularly, especially if you’re on a prepaid plan. This habit will help you plan your calls and manage your balance effectively.

Know More From AIRTEL Official page

Airtel all important codes in one table. see below-

ServiceUSSD Code
Package Check*1218#
Minute Check*7785# or *7788#
Call Me Back*1215#
Missed Call Alert (On)*12134#
Missed Call Alert (Off)*12135#
Net Setting Request*1407#
SMS Check*7782#
last word about Airtel Minute Check

Hope you are understood how to check Airtel Minute. If you have any query about ‘Minute Check’ please write on message option I will try to answer for you to another article.

How can I check my Airtel minute?

Airtel Minute Check

 # Open the Mobile dial pad
# Type*121# and press the call button
# Now you’ll receive a pop-up message displaying your remaining talk time, along with other relevant details like data and SMS balance. It’s a speedy solution right at your fingertips.

What are the different ways to check my Airtel minute balance in Bangladesh?

There are two main methods:
USSD Code: Dial *121# and follow the on-screen instructions to find the “Talktime Balance” or “Minute Balance” option.
My Airtel App: Download the app, sign in with your Airtel number, and your minute balance will be displayed on the main dashboard.
While some sources mention SMS check, this method seems to be discontinued by Airtel.

Which method is the quickest for checking my Airtel minute balance?

The USSD code (*121#) is the quickest method as it doesn’t require an internet connection or app installation.

What information will I see when I check my Airtel minute balance?

You’ll see the total number of available minutes you can use for calls. This might include both regular minutes and any bonus minutes or bundle minutes you have active, along with their validity period.

Is there a charge for checking my Airtel minute balance?

No, there is no charge for using the USSD code or checking your balance through the My Airtel App.

What if I’m having trouble checking my minute balance using the USSD code?

If you’re facing issues with the USSD code, try restarting your phone or checking for network signal strength. You can also contact Airtel customer care for assistance.

Can I check my Airtel minute balance if I’m outside of Bangladesh?

The USSD code and My Airtel App should work as long as you have an Airtel connection and roaming is activated. However, charges might apply for using these services while roaming.

Is the My Airtel App available for both Android and iOS devices?

Currently, the My Airtel App seems to be available only for Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Will the USSD code or My Airtel App also show my data balance and SMS balance?

The USSD code menu might offer options to check your data and SMS balance as well. The My Airtel App dashboard typically displays your main balance, data balance, SMS balance, and minute balance.

Where can I find more information about Airtel minute balance checks and other services?

You can visit the official Airtel Bangladesh website ( for the latest information on minute balance checks, available offers, and other services.

Do I need to register for the My Airtel App to check my minute balance?

No, registration isn’t mandatory. You can check your balance as a guest user by simply entering your Airtel phone number on the app’s login screen. However, registering allows you to access additional features like recharge history, managing data packs, and setting notifications.

What if I forget my Airtel mobile number?

There are a couple of ways to retrieve your Airtel number:
Dial *1# and press the call button. This will display your Airtel mobile number on the screen.
Call Airtel customer care and they can assist you in retrieving your number. You might need to provide some identification details for verification purposes.

Are there any alternative ways to check my Airtel minute balance without a phone?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any current options to check your Airtel minute balance without a phone. The USSD code and My Airtel App require a functioning Airtel mobile connection.

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