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teletalk internet offer
teletalk internet offer

Teletalk internet offer and codes are below with chart, as if visible clearly. Actually, many kinds of internet offers are available to Teletlak. Each kind of internet offer explained below separately.

Teletalk internet offer- REGULAR

 Regular Teletalk internet offer as below with data pack, data price, data activation code, and validity. Regular offer also two variety of teletalk internet offer. Both are mentioned clearly as below.

TTD230001A100 MB9 TK7 DAYS*111*501#
TTD230001B21TK30 DAYS*111*716#
TTD230002A500 MB17 TK7 DAYS*111*717#
TTD230002B39 TK30 DAYS*111*503#
TTD230003A1 GB21 TK7 DAYS*111*534#
TTD230003B59 TK30 DAY*111*49#
TTD230004A2 GB36 TK7 DAYS*111*736#
TTD230004B93 TK30 DAYS*111*93#
TTD230005A3 GB44 TK7 DAYS*111*44#
TTD230005B139 TK30 DAYS7 DAYS*111*531#
TTD230006A4 GB56 TK7 DAYS*111*756#
TTD230006B176 TK30 DAYS*111*776#
TTD230007A5 GB64 TK7 DAYS*111*764#
TTD230007B201 TK30 DAYS*111*532#
TTD230008A10 GB97 TK7 DAYS*111*97#
TTD230008B239 TK30 DAYS*111*550#
TTD230009A15 GB129 TK7 DAYS*111*551#
TTD230009B276 TK30 DAYS*111*777#
TTD230010B30 GB344 TK30 DAYS*111*344#
TTD230011B45 GB445 TK30 DAYS*111*445#
25 GB309 TKUNLIMITED*111*309#
Source: Teletalk bd

TTC220014B1 GB+25 minute+10 SMS377 days*111*116#
TTC220014D4330 days*111*118# 
TTC220015B1 GB+55 minute+50 SMS507 days*111*102#
TTC220015D63 30 days*111*121#
TTC220016B1.2 GB+150 minute+120 SMS 96 7 days*111*123#
TTC220016D101 30 days  *111*103#
TTC220017B5 GB+250 minute+300 SMS1817 days*111*126# 
TTC220017D199 30 days *111*104#
TTC220018D10 GB+100 minute+50 SMS 20930 days *111*107# 
TTC220019B2 GB+350 minute+20 SMS 217 7 days *111*132# 
TTC220019D22430 days*111*108# 
TTC220020D10 GB+350 minute+100 SMS 29930 days*111*105# 
TTC220021B5 GB+450 minute+50 SMS 2867 days *111*136# 
TTC220021D29730 days*111*109#
TTC220022D12 GB+500 minute+350 SMS 39930 days *111*110# 
TTC220023D35 GB+800 minute+100SMS 548 30 days*111*111# 
TTC220024D 40GB+900 minute+100SMS 59830 days*111*112#
TTC220025D50GB+1000 minute+200SMS 64830 days *111*113#
Source: Teletalk bd

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টেলিটক নাম্বার দেখার উপায়, এমবি অফার, মিনিট অফার ও কোড সমুহ

টেলিটক নাম্বার দেখার উপায়, এমবি অফার, মিনিট অফার ও কোড সমুহ
টেলিটক এমবি অফার, টেলিটক মিনিট অফার ও টেলিটক এর সকল কোড সমুহ

Teletalk internet offer- AGAMI

Teletalk agami 3G SIMs is not for sale – it will be distributed to students with GPA 5 through online registration. After that Agami data pack is mentioned below-

Data packData PriceActive CodeValidity
1 GBTk. 22*111*600#7 Days
1 GBTk. 45*111*601#30 Days
2 GBTk. 81  *111*602#30 Days
4 GBTk. 55*111*603#7 Days
10 GBTk. 177*111*610#30 Days
Source: Teletalk bd

Teletalk internet offer- BORNOMALA

BORNOMALA Teletalk internet offer is Affordable special packages for students. These offers is mentioned below-

Data packData PriceActive CodeValidity
1 GBTk. 24*111*611#7 Days
1 GBTk. 46*111*612#30 Days
2 GBTk. 83*111*613#30 Days
4 GBTk. 62*111*614#7 Days
10 GBTk. 186*111*616#30 Days

Teletalk internet offer- OPORAJITA

teletalk internet offer
teletalk internet offer

Aparajita Teletalk offer specially made for women, the oporajita package is mentioned below-

Data packData PriceActive CodeValidity
1 GBTk. 8*111*8#7 Days
2 GBTk. 38*111*38#7 Days

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10 FAQs about Teletalk Internet Offers

What are the different types of Teletalk internet offers available?

teletalk internet offer

Teletalk offers a variety of internet packs categorized by data volume and validity period. These include Regular Data Packs, Agami Data Packs, Bornomala Data Packs, and Oporajita Data Packs (targeted towards women).

How can I find out about the latest Teletalk internet offers?

You can visit the Teletalk website under the “Internet Offers” section or check the MyTeletalk app for ongoing promotions.

What are the activation codes for Teletalk internet packs?

Each Teletalk internet pack has a specific activation code. You can find the code on the Teletalk website alongside the offer details or dial *150# for a full list of available packs with their activation codes.

Can I use Teletalk internet packs on both prepaid and postpaid connections?

Yes, most Teletalk internet packs are valid for both prepaid and postpaid connections.

How can I check my remaining data balance on Teletalk?

Dial *152# to check your remaining data balance for any active internet pack on your Teletalk connection.

What happens after I use up my data quota in a Teletalk internet pack?

Once you exhaust your data quota, Teletalk will charge you according to their pay-per-use rate until you activate a new pack.

Do Teletalk internet packs offer any additional benefits like free calls or SMS?

Some Teletalk internet packs might offer bundled benefits like minutes or SMS alongside data. Be sure to check the specific details of each pack before activation.

Is there a Teletalk internet offer specifically for nighttime usage?

While Teletalk doesn’t advertise specific night usage packs, some regular data packs might have validity restricted to night hours. Check pack details for clarification.

Can I share my Teletalk internet pack data with another Teletalk user?

Teletalk internet packs are not generally designed for data sharing. However, you can explore their internet bundle options if sharing data is a necessity.

How can I contact Teletalk customer care for any questions about internet offers?

You can call Teletalk customer care at their hotline number or visit a Teletalk service point for any inquiries related to internet offers.

What is the difference between Regular Data Packs and Agami Data Packs?

Regular Data Packs offer standard data volumes with varying validity periods, catering to general internet usage needs. Agami Data Packs, on the other hand, might come with specific features like faster speeds, bonus data during peak hours, or limited validity but larger data quotas for heavy internet users.

Can I activate multiple Teletalk internet packs at the same time?

No, you cannot activate multiple Teletalk internet packs simultaneously on the same number. Once you activate a new pack, the previous one will be deactivated. However, you can utilize the remaining data of the older pack if it has not expired yet.

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